See what many have already experienced!

I've traveled over 5 million business miles within the past 20years. Over 2 million of them have been with Barb in control of my schedule. Beyond comparison, they have been the best 2 million I've flown. 

Characterized by flawless execution, seamless anticipation, understanding of my needs and undeserving friendliness to boot! Not to mention she's always there ahead of the crowd when airlines cancel flights, lose your bags or put you in some other jam. Five stars!


For the past 8 years Barb has handled my leisure travel. Her knowledge on hotels and destinations are unparalleled. Not to mention her attention to detail and knowing what my needs are when it comes to quality, style and comfort.

V. Brown

The honeymoon was amazing. Thank you for all of your hard work and support that went into coordinating our trip. It was truly a vacation of a lifetime and I can't thank you enough.

P. Bonelli

In today's hectic travel environment, Barb has always been peerless in her ability to manage travel. She is a calming presence, and adds value to any platform. Barb has tremendous knowledge of the travel industry and possesses insight into the nuances of specific travel suppliers. Most importantly, she anticipates customer needs and is responsive to their preferences. She is the epitome of a world-class travel agent.

M. Davis

I had a wonderful opportunity to go to Italy with 20 of my friends and family. Barb organized everything: flights, hotels, meals, transportation etc etc. I traveled some days on my own and she encouraged me to stop in Bologna on the way to Venice  to do the all-day "Italian Food Experience" Being a foodie this was one of the highlights of my trip!! Barb is personable and very knowledgeable. She's a world traveler herself and speaks from experience. I look forward to my next big adventure!

K. Jeffries,  New Orleans LA. 

Barb booked two trips this past spring and summer - a short 3 day getaway to Prague and a longer 10 day vacation in Ireland. Barb took into consideration my wants and needs as a solo traveler and helped me plan two unforgettable trips. Her knowledge of the locations, airlines, hotels, and tour companies made choosing when, where and how to travel extremely easy! I'm really looking forward to booking my next trip with Barb!!!

S.Flynn - NYC